Thursday, November 03, 2011

YP Workshop 2011 Day 7

Oct. 25
Our Last day :((. Meet the YP participants, TAO ladies and the Tangos community representative.
Tina, BS Arch - PUP

Melody, BS CE - TIP

Nanay Felipa - R. Domingo

Nanay Rosa - R. Domingo

Kuya Roy - Pantalan Uno

Prince Alver, BS Arch - UPD

Cris, BS Arch - PUP

Sarah, Environmental Studies - Miriam College

Arvin, BS Arch - UPD

Mharren, BS Arch - UPD

Russel, BS CE - UE Caloocan

Glenn, BS Arch - PUP

Dom, BS CE - UE Caloocan

Klervin, BS Arch - UPD

Nancy, BS Arch - UPD

Jessa, BS Arch - PUP

Mommy Angel
Mommy Osang

Mommy Faith

Mommy Arlene

Ate Verna
mommy Ge, wasn't able to take a photo of her

Pao, BS CE - UE Manila
mommy Mimi

UE boys. :))

Korean heart with Glenn. :))

my roommates and me, rm 7. :))

Team Tangos!!! With mommy Faith :)

Team KV1, naligaw ako.
 After lunch at BSWM, the YPs still wanted to spend time with each other so we hangout at the nearest mall, which is Trinoma and SM North, we ought to watch a movie, three musketeers, but Tina can't stay too late so we just ate pizza.
Photo booth at Trinoma cinema area

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