Monday, December 19, 2011

Heima DD2 and Bon Chon

December 17: Sar, well-updated of different events, invited me and Ag to go to Heima Design Discussion. It had talks related to art and designs. Somewhat far from Archi, but we friends, love artsy stuffs so we had fun listening to this talks. They just didn't show their works but also how they started and their inspiration to come up with their amazing projects. I'm moved and inspired by what I've seen. Thanks Heima for creating this event.
The location is at LRI Design Plaza, a building dedicated for interior furnishings 

Sar, me and Ag, we roam around LRI after Heima, because it's our first time there

Heima launch there washi tape from Japan, also some exhibits made by different artists
Washi tapes
Fozzy Castro-Dayrit, giving samples of her caligraphy work
After the talks, Heima gave out a small eating session while listening to Tarsius, we love the food. yum!
cute Plushie! I want as Christmas gift! *ehem, only for 650, *ehem
We're last on the list, late comers, my fault, as usual
Valerie Chua's exhibit at Heima store, called Backyard of the Universe
with Valerie Chua, yay! She inspires me to revive my long hidden dusty paints
the expensive washi tapes, costs 150-750
this is not Ann Li, this is Ag nes, lol. :)
Buying a washi tape. T_T, my head hurts after that
pink washi, won't waste it, might as well keep it as souvenir. :D
Later that night, as finger foods are not enough for our stomach, we headed to Bonchon, Hans picked us. Its my first time in Bon Chon, so I'll give a little review.
Bon Chon at Ayala Triangle

Hans and me
Sar's chicken
Hans verdict (10-highest, 1-lowest): 10

For me, I also loved the taste and the crispiness but I'm not that impressed with what's in the inside, I'm searching for that juiciness and it gave me dry texture. So I'll just give it 8.

Photo Courtesy: Sarah Mae Bombay

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