Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Updates!

So what's up with me? It's been so looooooooooong since I created my last post. There are so many exciting and unexpected things that had happened to me. Tehee, so how should I start?

  • Mom went to province and left me home alone for more than a week, I invited my friends to stay with me overnight, except for the days I have class. So for the first day my UP friends (Camille and Claire) stayed for a night.
Me, Claire and Camille with Utoy on the second frame
For the second night, my UST friends (Sar and Ag) joined me. Those two nights were spent with non-stop stories, fortune telling, criticism, etc. It was fun to invite them over. :)

The next nights I stay alone, it was creepy yet exciting. I love the feeling that I can do anything (Oooooohw) without my mom's annoying shout, lol joke, but I still missed mama's irritating errands at those lonely times, haahha.
  • I also had taken my last Math series subject, and finally Math and Physics "majors" are over! Woo! I love it! Along with my summer class I did my 160 hours internship for TAO and yesterday was our culminating activity aka graduation. I'll miss it, if only I'll just stop studying and proceed to apprenticeship. Maybe those working buds won't agree with me, but I love to work, I really leaned a lot in office than in school. XD
Some of my work in TAO, model and Cad drawings
With my co-YP, Jessa at Navotas while having our site supervision
  • After so many years I dipped in the pool with my YP peeps (Sarah, Tina, Mhar, Russel, Cris and Glenn), ah! The water was really my element though I'm not a good swimmer but it made me so refreshed this hot season.
Mhar, Tina, me and Sarah (c) Cris
  • And of course will I forget the biggest event for my summer, second to my internship, is the epitome-of-a-total-performer's concert, Lady Gaga's monster ball! She was really the mother of all monsters!
(c) Hezel
With my super twin, Hezel, the root why I was able to go to the monster ball
  • SMALL GALAs: CR gals (Abby and RI) visited me at home, those week while mom's gone, I didn't see them for a year and unfortunately Kim wasn't able to come, I really miss them all, I can still feel our strong bond every time we are together, I hope we 5 could meet soon, including Kat whose in states. hehe
Also after a long time Van and I were able to see each other, it was fun to catch up with one's "love" lives, while eating a delicious dinner with Sar. We even discovered a newly exciting game FOR US LATE BLOOMERS, the ultimate dance dance revo, we're planning to make it as a career. :)) 

Yesterday with some of my YP friends, we went to a Karaoke house and sing our hearts out. :))
  • MOVIES: I also watched the avengers with my future in-laws ^_^ and Dark Shadows with Hans. At home I also discovered that I have "Ballet shoes" with one of the main actress is my fave British celeb, Emma Watson.
  • BOOKS: Still not done with reading Frank Lloyd Wright's bio since I've been hooked with the strangeness of Emily the Strange.
  • GAMES: At the first weeks of summer I'm addicted with GTA: Vice City but then I've been introduced again by my fave GameBoy game, Pokemon, now with the new set of monsters, ah! I can feel how old I'm now.
  • SERIES: I finished Secret Circle, sorry for the fans, but yeah it's *yawn......and skins, I liked it, sex and drugs are part of a teen's life, I can't believe I'm watching the reality. Of course second season of Game of Thrones are now airing, geez, can't wait for every ep. now that hotness Natalie Domer's their.
And now blogging till dusk is back, though my net connection is not really everyday, we're having a budget cut, eek! That's also the reason why I miss the supposedly 3rd event of my summer, this year's Philippines Fashion week, call me mababaw but it was really what I'm aiming for, Unica Hija sent me their invitation, I don't know if it was really exclusive, but as an assuming being, I believe it. ahahah, too bad I'm born with a tin spoon in my mouth. :O

I'm looking forward to:
  1. TFA induction
  2. new school year
  3. more happenings :))

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