Sunday, April 24, 2011

Les Miserables and A. Flinn

Got a long weekend, I’m away from my summer classes for 5 days, but now is Sunday and it’s the last day, my plan of studying for our exam tomorrow for the first two days is ruined. Well, but I’m still satisfied, coz I was able to read two books, Beastly and A kiss in Time, both by Alex Flinn. Also watched a movie, Les Miserables, a Korean novelty, Running Man, and draw the one I posted yesterday. Simple as it seems but I quiet like my accomplishments, because I love to see myself doing stuffs that I think is worth my time. I love to draw and read books coz I really enjoys doing it. Though I ignored my Math 53(Calculus) homework and reviewers, still Sunday’s not over yet, so I promise that I’ll save this day for studying. Don’t want to get a low grade for my first exam.

Also got some emo-ish stuff here:

Sometimes we tend to imagine that our life is like the movies, when we cry a hero will come on our way to help us and save us from our misery. Literally will do anything for you just to make you laugh, but it's just plain stupidity. There's no such thing as perfect-hero-like-characters in our life. We are the only savior of our selves. And nobody care for you but you.

If misery comes your way, there's no sound of music that would enter the background, instead silence. Silent rush of winds and a little noise from your neighborhood.

Well, as a child, I used to cry my heart out just to get someone notice me and maybe comfort me, but there's no such kind of treatment was given to me. Instead a hit of hand will be given, if I would not stop. I still grew as a cry baby but learned that nobody would still sympathized for you if you just cry. They will pity you but later on annoyed so from that learning I tried to just cry alone on my own.

To cry alone is the safest, coz only you would understand yourself, and only you can comfort your own. No one would, no heroes, no anything, no one.

Well for some little review:

Les Miserables: I got it as influenced by my ultimate American Idol, David Archuleta, and watched it when I heard a familiar song sung by Susan Boyle played in background of Running man, with the subtitle from Les Miserables. I got curios and see for myself, well I got disappointed when I didn’t heard the song sung by Susan Boyle but I taught maybe it was only in theatrical play. Sigh. But well Les Miserables was a classic, love how the main character changed and became some man of dignity. He’s a strong character and wise I must say. I just don’t like the feeling that his problems won’t stop, it’s heavy in the heart you know, but it does give me non ending fear as I was watching it, but the last part was such a relieved.

Beastly: I reviewed it in my last post but I got a trivia I wasn’t able to share, Beauty in the Beast‘s earliest variant is the famous Greek Myth, Cupid and Psyche, can’t relate eh? According to Alex Flinn, in the last part of her book, if you had read Cupid and Psyche, Cupid is a monster and can only be seen at night and Psyche did something for her to be with Cupid. Maybe that’s why Belle is such a tough chic. Just read it to relate to it.

A kiss in time: A modern Sleeping beauty has an unimaginable story, really, so far away from Disney’s version, but if you are a Filipino and you know Grazilda, that story reminds me of this. Its funny how a princess lives in a 17th century era will be taught to live in the 21st, it’s really cool, but I still love Beastly. Is it obvious that it’s my favorite?

Alex Flinn: I just read two books of her, and I’m thinking of reading the others, but I observed that she likes to make her main characters have issue with their parents, well maybe because most children in our time really have. But maybe she wants the readers not just to be flown away by love with these teen flicks but also to learn something about how to open up and understand our dear parents. Like I should do, I guess.

Well this Sunday is not just an ordinary Sunday, it’s Easter! Another year for a new beginning, this is an important holiday than Christmas for the Catholics, coz it’s Muling Pagkabuhay/Pasko ng Pagkabuhay ni Hesus, in english Easter, nah kidding I’m not sure how to translate it but it’s the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Happy Easter!

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